This is the low impact, modified pace version of Zumba. We mainly have ladies over 50 years of age but also ladies that need that modified aspect in their workout. Still fun & incredible like Zumba.

What are the benefits of Zumba Gold?

  • As in the Zumba Section above plus…
  • Increases flexibility
  • Strengthens bone mass
  • Great way to make friends & socialise

Is this for you?

  • If you are over 50 years
  • If you require low impact
  • If you require a modified pace
  • If you want any of the benefits mentioned above
  • If you like dance based workouts with amazing music
  • If you like to socialise in & out of sessions

Then this is for YOU 🙂 Try it for FREE by contacting us now.


'What some of our clients say & their success stories'


I’ve been coming for 3 years. Love the Zumba Gold, great music, great fun. Hate to miss a class.

Sylvia Mason:

Wanted to exercise but don’t like gyms. Like to dance so Zumba Gold ticked all the boxes – exercise plus dance.

Zumba Gold keeps me supple.

And most important of all – together with a healthy diet and Zumba Gold I am no longer a borderline diabetic.


Really good social company. Fantastic music. Outside social activities. both easy and challenging dance moves. Overall, lots of fun. P.S. I can now do something my grandchildren can’t do i.e. touch the floor with my knuckles – knees straight.

Plus, Plus, Plus – weight loss 1.5 stone over a year.

Carole Simpson

I’ve been going to zumba gold for 3/4 years and still enjoy going to classes, they keep you active alert and they are fun never boring. I’ve met lots of people who are now friends through zumba. Thankyou Des and co. xx

Maria Frost

Zumba is the best keep fit exercise,it stops excess  weight & you can socialise.

Maria xx