What are the benefits of Zumba?

  • It’s fun & friendly
  • It increases endurance/stamina
  • It helps you lose weight and tone up
  • It helps you increase your confidence
  • It helps you increase your coordination
  • There is no such thing as a wrong step
  • It’s some ME time!
  • It’s for everyone!
  • Diversity of Rhythms & Amazing Music!

Is this for you?

  • If you want any of the above
  • If you like dance based workouts
  • If you want something more personal/friendly/fun

Then this is for YOU 🙂 Try it for FREE by contacting us now.


'What some of our clients say & their success stories'

Mandy Bowens:

I love u guys! You make me smile after a crappy day, you inspire me & give me confidence (something I’ve always lacked) You don’t mind if we get the moves wrong & you don’t mind hugs when we are sweaty! You are awesome, just keep doing what your doing!

Lisa K:

I just want to say thank you to Des and team. You make sessions so much fun and you were so encouraging when I first started to go. I don’t think I would have stuck with it if it wasn’t run by Des and all of her energy!

Tina Roydhouse:

You have changed my life for the better thank you so much xx

Lee-Ann De Leca:

I am loving the classes. All the instructors are so friendly, energetic and funny! Always keeping us motivated and smiling throughout. Loving it. Keep it up ladies.

Lexie Sheridan:

LOVE THE CLASSES SO SO MUCH!!! So good to see so many lovely instructors. Nice to feel part of a community after I have only recently moved here. Best Zumba/fitness class I have ever been to! Xxxxx

Pam Tripp:

I think you girls do an amazing motivating session.  Your passion shines through and is infectious.

Elaine Lake:

I enjoy exercise again, thanks to you and your team Des. Your sessions are fun and energising. Thank you.x

Alice Donzelot:

Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

Jenny Winter:

Its great to be part of such a caring community who are always so positive.

Calmeta Beisly:

So this is my testimony, when I started zumba with Des 5 years ago. Here I have 6 photos no1 my happy weight and size with curves in all the right places,I joined zumba to get toned and look good on my wedding and honeymoon pics 2+3.. Then baby number 1 came along thanks to zumba I snapped back pic 4,baby no 2 not so much. Not being able to exercise during this pregnancy was horrible but my sickness didn’t let me continue as I did before this left me feeling frumpy and unhappy pic 5. Since coming back in November I’m slowly starting to get fit again and see a difference pic 6. I hope to continue to my journey not to be skinny but to be healthy and fit again and most importantly happy. Thank you team for being on the journey i look forward to sharing pic 7 with you in the future….

Lisa Naish:

Thanks to Zumba and the crew, I feel fitter more toned and inspired to make better food choices

Denise Gale

Des you and your team do an amazing job, you have kept me going for 30 months now, normally I would have given up exercise long ago as I get bored easily and would have given up. You are all awesome and inspiring. Thank you so much.

Sarah Honor:

Michelle Green:

Chloe Sammi Crowther:

Well what can I say… Zumba and Poundfit has made such a massive difference to my life and has played such a big part in my weight loss journey over the years. I also can’t even being to explain how much being part of such an amazing team has helped me personally with my confidence from being the shy timid girl at the back of the class to now being honoured to be one of the helpers. I love you all and here’s to another 50 years!  ? ? look forward to seeing you all later to celebrate  ☺ ? ?? xxxx