STRONG NATION previously known as Zumba Strong is our phenomenal new programme! This is for anyone that really wants a few steps UP…to upgrade 😉 …..try it….listen to your body! What makes it so special & effective isnt just the incredibly reversed engineered music but also the fact that it is a combo of HIIT, CARDIO & CONDITIONING (toning!)……..which is the ultimate complete workout (well ok minus a long stretch)…..

We do give variations!The idea is to gradually build up the strength and endurance & to be wise not to injure so you may want to start with the modifications given! VITAL: You must wait at least another 48hrs before you do another HIIT ! so in essence if this is your routine you can only do it 3 times a week! You can do other forms of exercise in between! 🙂

NOTE: if you are concerned about your form or are struggling you can book  a 1 off 1hr session with Des at the member special of £25 to go through your posture & help you be safe & improve! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS for both beginners & those of us that are more advanced!

Please review ROUTINE TIPS for routines before doing the actual workout! E.G 1.0  go together, 2.0 together etc