PureStretch classes involve stretch routines, core strengthening and relaxation techniques both in standing & mat work.

18yrs plus.

What are the benefits of PureStretch?

  • It’s fun & friendly
  • It improves flexibility
  • It helps to decrease muscular tension
  • It helps to decrease pain and stiffness
  • It helps to increase core strength
  • It helps you focus on you!

Is this for YOU?

  • If you want any of the above
  • If you are looking for a low impact, rejuvenating programme which is gentle on the body
  • If you want to complement your existing fitness routine
  • If you want something more personal & friendly

Then this is for YOU 🙂 Try it for FREE by contacting us now.


'What some of our clients say & their success stories'

Nicky Bates

I am a hairdresser so am on my feet all day I also like to run so my body and muscles can get quite tight at times but I have definitely noticed a difference since I have started pure stretch that my muscles and back are definitely not so tight even going just once a week it is a fun and friendly group as well which helps.

Wendy Mayne

Purestretch has been so amazing for me!!! I have issues with my lower back and Purestretch has really helped me with this by strengthing my core muscles. My general strength has improved so much too! I wouldn’t be without Purestretch now. Thank you so much to Des and her team!!

Amy P Walker

Trying Purestretch for the first time, a new and relaxing programme was great & I loved it! It’s a fantastic way to stretch and tone complementing my two Zumba sessions a week. The difference in my mindset & body has been absolutely amazing. I find I’m more focused and relaxed as a result plus the bonus of muscle tone that has enhanced through combining the programs. For me Purestretch is now an essential part of my exercise routine and I thank Des, Surita & the team for all their hard work commitment & friendship xxxx

Alyson Martin

I was suffering a constant battle of agony & pain in my neck & shoulder following a bad whiplash injury, when I stumbled across Des & her Purestretch class….2 weeks later I could feel the difference starting & I’ve never looked back. Rarely have a relapse, posture feels so much better & a group of people & friends you never feel out of place with.