What are the benefits of Poundfit?

  • It’s fun & friendly
  • It helps you tone up (amazing for tums, bums, legs & arms) without heavy weights
  • It helps you burn fat & lose weight
  • It helps you increase your strength & stamina
  • It helps you increase your confidence
  • It helps you increase your coordination
  • It’s for all levels & modifications are given
  • It’s some ME time!
  • It’s a great stress relief (banging the ripstix in particular!)
  • The music is amazing!

Is this for YOU?

  • If you want any of the above
  • If you want a more fitness-y than dance-y workout
  • If you want to be able to push it to a ‘hardcore’ level without it feeling boring or heavy
  • If you want something more personal/friendly/fun than gyms & bootcamps

Then this is for YOU 🙂 Try it for FREE by contacting us now.


'What some of our clients say & their success stories'

Sarah Honor

I remember the first time I picked up those little green sticks. I had no idea what a huge effect they would have on me! That was just over a year ago and now I can’t wait to pound those ripstix and rockout. This programme has completely transformed my body. I have a much leaner core and my arms and legs are toned and strong. Poundfit is so much more than a faddy exercise programme- it’s a total body workout but it is so much fun. I have never experienced anything like it and the great part is I have pushed my body to new places and I have discovered muscles that I didn’t even know existed. I have to confess ‘I’m a Poundaholic’.

Pam Tripp

I have been doing pound fit since it started and can honestly say I feel quite addicted to it. I find it an amazing stress reliever and a really good way to keep myself fit. The instructors are all super friendly and amazingly encouraging and I would recommend any of the t4mefitness classes wholeheartedly Xx

Karen Smith

Quite simply, I love Poundfit! I do several sessions a week and it’s become more that just an exercise class, it’s a place where I can let my inner rock chic go, albeit a middle aged rock chic! I always feel re-energised and de-stressed after a class so it’s not only having a healthy impact on my body but on my mind too. The instructors and team are great …. Crazy, fun and loud …. perfect for Poundfit. I’ve met some amazing ladies and made some great new friends. It’s truly a place where everyday women encourage and empower other women to feel amazing.

Sam Pickett

I’m not usually one for group exercise classes. My friend Kate had been trying to drag me to Zumba for months but that’s just not my thing, so when poundfit came around she tried again! Reluctantly I went along and it took me a few weeks to learn the routines and get into it! I then went from doing 1 class a week to 4! I absolutely love it and no matter how rubbish my day has been I always walk out of the class smiling! It’s a good way to de-stress, exercise and tone up whilst having fun! Such a great team and a lovely bunch of ladies! Sam x

Sharon Beach

Have been doing Poundfit for a few months now, and have already seen an improvement in my fitness & stamina. It’s great fun as well! Xx

Jenny Winter

I have been going to Zumba since the start and now that Des has Poundfit & Pure Stretch the 3 together make a perfect complete program to help tone & Strengthen the body. Poundfit has made such an difference to my body & core strength since I started.