BoxHIIT is boxing with pads and gloves in a High Intensity Interval Style with fun and powerful music.

All our instructors are Ricky Hatton academy trained.

What are the benefits of BoxHIIT?

  • It’s fun & friendly
  • It helps you tone up (amazing for tums, bums, legs & arms) without heavy weights
  • It helps you burn fat & lose weight
  • It helps you increase your strength & stamina
  • It helps you increase your confidence
  • It helps you increase your coordination
  • It’s for all levels & modifications are given
  • It’s some ME time!
  • The music is amazing!

Is this for YOU?

  • If you want any of the above
  • If you want a more fitness-y than dance-y workout
  • If you want to be able to push it to a ‘hardcore’ level without it feeling boring or heavy
  • If you want something more personal/friendly/fun than gyms & bootcamps

Then this is for YOU 🙂 Try it for FREE by contacting us now.


'What some of our clients say & their success stories'

Nicky B

I absolutely love BoxHIIT apart from meeting some really lovely ladies , my fitness and stamina has improved, my bingo wings are going and my upper body strength is improving, it has also improved my coordination and makes me so happy and buzzing which in turn makes for a happy home life!!! Can’t wait for Thursdays to start